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The Importance of sunscreen in your skincare routine

Did you know that wearing sunscreen is one of the best — and easiest — ways to protect your skin's appearance and health at any age? Used regularly, sunscreen helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging. In fact, applying sunscreen of SPF35 or higher is an excellent line of defense– not only for your appearance, but also the overall health of your skin.

Here’s some facts about using sunscreen that you may not know. Or if you already know, then it never hurts to have a refresher!

  • Sunscreen lowers skin cancer risk

    • What you may not know is how significantly daily sunscreen use lowers skin cancer risk. In an Australian study, invasive melanomas were nearly four times less common in daily sunscreen users compared to periodic sunscreen users over a period of 15 years.

  • Sunscreen is the best way to prevent signs of aging

    • UV rays are known to cause photoaging of the skin in the form of leathery skin, fine lines, discoloration, and breakdown for collagen.

  • Sunscreen helps maintain an even skin tone

    • You know what we always say: the best cure is almost always in the form of prevention. Even if you are using retinoids for anti aging purposes, they will not stop or reduce sunspots or discolorations from skin that you have not previously protected.

  • Exfoliated is more prone to burning

    • Even if you’re using exfoliation products at night, your skin is still prone to being sensitive for the next couple of days. In other words, if you want to see the desired results from your efforts in exfoliating your skin, then adding the application of sunscreen to your daily routine will benefit you greatly!

Considerations for scar treatment

If you’ve sustained an injury, or underwent recent surgery that has left a scar behind, sunscreen (at least SPF35), it is important to use sunscreen along with medicines like ScarMD in your skincare routine for the following reasons:

  • A scar is new and more fragile than the surrounding skin

  • If you do not use sunscreen, the scar line will react differently to the sun than the surrounding skin

  • If you don’t use sunscreen, the scar tissue will become darker than the surrounding skin. This is called a hyperpigmented scar, and will remain darker than other skin types

  • After one year’s time, the scar and surrounding skin should react equally to sun exposure.

ScarMD and other skincare solutions

We offer a wide range of skin care products from scar treatment, to stretch mark prevention and management. If you want to optimize your skincare routine, we can help you with your glow-up. If you’re not ready to see what we’re all about, we hope you found this article helpful on your personal skincare journey, and hope to see you soon!

About AIM Medical

AIM Medical is a skincare products research, engineering and manufacturing company based in the world's medtech hub - Boston, Massachusetts. Dedicated to developing novel, safe, yet highly effective portfolio of products that target common dermatologic conditions, AIM Medical advances the high value opportunities for products that focus on wound care and atopic dermatitis. At AIM Medical we are proud of our heritage of creating health and beauty through technology innovation. ​ We have aligned AIM Medical to be a worldwide healthcare brand advancing the cutting edge technologies to work in real.

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