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Our Current Product Line (ScarMD® Featured Products)

With the holidays approaching, and winter air being an imminent reality, keeping your skin healthy has never been more important. Whether you’re looking for basic skin care solutions, scar treatment, stretch mark prevention, or stretch mark treatment solutions, we’ve got you covered, and we wanted to refresh you on what our store currently offers in case you haven’t heard yet! So whether you’re bundling up to brave the winter cold, or traveling to somewhere where the weather is a little more forgiving (don’t forget your SPF!), you can keep your routine in top notch form with a little help from our ScarMD featured products!

And don’t forget, for a limited time, you can use the code "SKINCARE203" on checkout for 15% off. So stock up while you can!

ScarMD Medical Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Glide

ScarMD® Glide Massaging Scar Treatment uses an innovative 3-ball massaging applicator for dual action effectiveness in treating your scar.

  • Massaging Roll-on Applicator

  • Applies a thin layer that dries almost instantly

  • Massage stimulates blood flow, bringing nutrients to assist in the healing process

  • Massage is thought to work mechanically in re-distributing the fibrotic tissue

  • Massaging once per day with ScarMD® Glide results in significantly less scar tissue

ScarMD Medical Grade SIlicone Scar Treatment Gel

ScarMD® Silicone Scar Gel is a unique formulation of silicone that dries to form an ultra-thin layer on the skin. This provides a semi-occlusive layer, with similar breathability to the skin. This modifies the factors involved in healing to normalize the production of collagen. This in turn reduces the redness of abnormal scars, decreases their volume, and reduces the pain and itchiness. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of silicone in treating all types of scars, whether they are new scars, old scars, large scars, or small scars. The recommendations from the clinical reviews are clear – silicone should be used as the first line of defense against all types of scars.

ScarMD Stretch Mark Prevention Oil

ScarMD® Stretch Mark Prevention Oil has been developed by medical professionals with years of experience in wound & scar care. After reviewing published medical research, our doctor’s at AIM Medical® have identified an effective topical therapy. ScarMD® Stretch Mark Prevention Oil uses Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatic extract) & Tocopherol (Vitamin E), two ingredients that in a stringent clinical study of 80 women were found to help:

  • Significantly decrease risk and aid in the prevention of stretch marks

  • Significantly decrease severity of stretch marks

  • Diminish appearance of stretch marks

ScarMD Stretch Mark Repair Cream

  • Reduce the visible length and depth of the stretch mark

  • Reduce the appearance of redness, discoloration, and discomfort associated with stretch marks

  • Improve the visible indentation and appearance of the stretch mark

  • Soften scar tissue thereby improving texture

We want to be the best part of your skin care routine

Whether you or a loved one are in need of our products, we want to be your favorite part of your skin care routine. Remember that for a limited time you can use the code "SKINCARE203" on checkout for 15% off. So stock up while you can!

Stretch mark prevention in bodybuilding

Our stretch mark prevention oil is a must-have if you’re trying to prevent stretch marks outright. Our clinically proven formula uses Gotu Kola & Tocopherol (Vitamin E), which have been proven to significantly decrease the risk of stretch marks as well as diminish the appearance of stretch marks. It’s also important to know that it’s always more effective to prevent than to treat stretch marks, but if you are just hearing about us now, we have you covered!

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